Monday, August 2, 2010

Reflections On: Training Day One

Today was a very informative and inspirational training day! We compared peoples' personalities to that of an iceberg. We can only see 10-20 percent of an iceberg above the surface. Human personalities are very similar with things such as experience, attitude, knowledge, religion, beliefs, skills, fears, habits etc. hidden from plain sight. In order to "lower the water line" with our fellow interns we created a podcast using Audacity. We introduced each other within small groups and recorded what we learned about each other. Within my group were Justin and Aaron who have an array of interests and skills. This will be an interesting time of intellectual exploration for all interns!
In addition to podcasting we learned about blabberize and Voki avatar programs.
Using Voki I created an avatar of the Buddha with some information on the three schools and three jewels of Buddhism. These types of avatars could be particularly useful in teaching students about different cultures and religions in addition to other lessons.
I am interested our upcoming classroom observational meeting to see how these various technologies can help teachers. Hopefully the teachers and we, the interns can collaborate on the best and most interesting way to reach the students and mutually expand our knowledge base.

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