Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reflections on: Day Two

Training day two was very entertaining and unified the training group as a whole. Our first activity was to remember each person's name as well as one word which starts with the same letter as their name. I was surprised and proud that I could remember each name! Our next activity was to utilize our name remembrance by calling out a persons name and throwing a ball to them. At one point there were so many balls flying about I couldn't tell which ball went to which person! This was a very interesting activity, awakening the group and testing our name knowledge.
Our next activity was to create a 30 second elevator introduction. i never realized how difficult it is to introduce yourself. Lynn mentioned that perhaps we should act as if we were to run into Bill Gates and we had 30 seconds to tell him about ourselves. My recording was 19 seconds and in addition to describing my DOT internship i went into my volunteering at a community based library. Despite my added information the introduction still needed improvement. I then recorded Phylicia and her ideas of recording in the elevator and in front of the water cooler were very unique.
My favorite activity of the day was recording an instructional video of "teamwork." Within my group were Pia and Brett; we went outside to utilize our teamwork skills by doing something together that showcases teamwork - changing a tire. Brett was the superhero to the rescue, complete with a beach towel cape.Pia, the star of the show rolling a tire... in HEELS! It was quit a bit of fun collaborating and coming up with ideas. Brainstorming after filming was a challenge especially when overcoming our MovieMaker malfunctions. Brittany came to the rescue and completed our task of "teamwork" thus showcasing it to the fullest extent. Thanks Brittany!

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