Thursday, May 29, 2014

You have tempted me with your southern fried goodness NO MORE!

We need to talk...I love you fried sweet potato poboys, fried tofu, and cookies you have helped me through some stressful times, but I think we need some time apart. You know, to grow and stuff... NOT in the ways I have been recently! You have tempted me with your southern fried goodness NO MORE! In my late teens, I struggled with weight issues, and at my heaviest I was 192 pounds. My turning point was revealing to my cousins I wanted to be an actor and being laughed at and being called "pizzaface" and "little teapot" Get it... short and stout! Anyway, I changed my diet from Nana's southern fried food to significantly lowering my fat intake and walking, running, and attending fitness classes at a community college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. With faith, I got down to 140. When I became vegetarian and then vegan some years ago, I felt lighter and I got down to 127, a weight I was happy with, although my body fat percentage was quite high. Recently, after a friend moved away, I began eating poorly again. Now back at 140 I find I must become accountable to myself, to my fellow actors, and to directors who hire me. We work together and I need to work hard on my mind, body, and spirit for holistic wellness which impacts everyone I encounter. That being said I will start using this platform to talk about my fitness routine, and motivational things that have helped me throughout the day. So... I stretched for 10 minutes and went on the elliptical for 30 minutes burning 350 calories! I ate Oatmeal with almond milk for breakfast Green tea Soy Latte (1 serving) A Luna S'mores bar with a White Tea energy drink and Brown rice and spicy thai eggplant for dinner. Here's to trying to be better and be a healthier, stronger person! Some songs that helped me through Future - Go Harder Dj Khaled - Victory Nas - I Can J Wiley - Greatness Fame or Juliet - Dreams of Reality